I just gotta take a photo of myself in

front of this house because it’s so

insane our cars actually right up here I

wanted to get out on the street because

if you pulled up you know I’m on my

phone look at it emails and stuff and I

look up and I’m like what in the world

is this place like this is clearly Texas

I should think this car might be for the

butler and the Bentley’s for the

landscaper maybe the Benton this one’s

for the let’s get anyway this property

tour is insane I don’t even want tell

you what you’re about to see but you

might see the biggest closet in America

amongst many other things so let’s go

hello how are you good to see you

Wow hello hi I’m Ryan how are you good

to see you to see you this is your house

my house yeah I love that outfit thank

you yes it does match your horse what is

this horse solely in Texas can you have

a massive black crystal horse in your

house right raisi crazy crazy yes but it

didn’t always look like this

no what do you two look like very

traditional boring grandma like got it

and you came in and you were like uh uh

I said if I never get to go back and

live in Beverly Hills I’m gonna bring

Beverly Hills here you did it yes you

did it that’s my vision my vision what

an entrance crazy with show us right

thank you thank you well we’ve got the

sunken wine tasting room this is where

we set our wine right here Wow

so climate controlled wine cellar every

piece of glass in this house has

motorized shades over here you’ve got

the beautiful formal dining room with a

water wall so it’s really fun to have a

dinner party and have the water making

it’s lovely syringe which it’s not on

today but you have a lot of really cool

landscaping to just notice me we’re

coming in with like the fountain you got

lights hanging

from the trees I think those lights up

there like a boom truck so that’s a

massive Egyptian crystal chandelier that

I had made in Egypt so you like details

love detail back love details this is

the formal living room that I wanted to

be able to walk completely around my

living room not just stop and go back up

the other direction so we’ve actually

held fashion shows in here and

everything is that you yeah you’ll see

me everywhere in the house my husband

can’t go anywhere without seeing me yeah

it would be weird right this is where

everybody gathers to watch sports

whatever whatever you live here yes

doesn’t look like you live here well

there’s there’s only two of us that live

here so it’s pretty easy to keep clean

all the time in Texas we always believe

the master should be on the first floor

yes why not

why do you want to live upstairs why

would you want to so this is the master

retreat beautiful you have a lot of

access out to the pool over and over yes

and you that’s the reason you don’t see

any curtains in this house is because

everything’s on blinds and so in here we

put room darkening blinds because we

like it to be very dark when we sleep in

here so we didn’t want curtains to block

the view of the beautiful Golf Course

and the whole entire backyard that’s

very much like a retreat no there I’m


they are yes you are master bath retreat

Wow with a shower big enough for 20 of

your best friends Wow

I don’t even know what to say this is

crazy there’s you again just to make

sure of this like middle bathtub like

right in the center yes yeah and while

you’re here Sophie and you can actually

watch TV what is this room this is this

is the closet

so the whole reason behind this closet

was please please explain well I was

always known for having pretty closets

to paint just it didn’t matter what

house I lived in I always had a pretty

closet and inevitable every time we

would have the event the women would get

their glass of champagne and then say

can I go see your closet so we would end

up studying on the floor in my closet

just having a good time so I said why

not be able to closet big enough to

actually hold the charity events in the

closet now in the closet in the closet

how big is this closet 3,000 square feet

3 floors cause it’s three floors yeah we

can fit about 100 women in here for a

party in the closet this is where you

keep all your masks yes that’s a nice

wall oh that’s also a night that they’re

all the watches are nice

all those watches are also nice unreal

and there you are again three times yeah

I’ve never seen anything like this

before my entire life that’s good Wow so

you have a bar in your closet champagne

bar in your closet so I can entertain

the girlfriends up here is just remember

this is where we won’t want to sit

wonder how we’re having a party anyways

it’s in the closet

yeah it’s the Christian Louboutins wall

oh so there’s the brands have their own

wall especially Christian moved him

because I have like 75 pairs oh that’s

what I’m wearing see you that yeah I

should have my own closet like this you

know what is your favorite pair of shoes

on this floor come on Anna pick one no

you can’t why that’s like asking you to

pick your favorite child I have one I

have one job she’s my baby you only have

one right yeah yeah this is probably one

of my favorite pairs Oh

because it’s like wearing jewelry on

your foot

yeah so that’s probably one of my

favorite pairs where did you wear this

where do you wear it this is like to the

gym this is the light-colored side

that’s the dark colors lighter you know

this is more summertime you know got it


and of course you have to have like a

like your roll out spice rack you have a

roll out scarf rack obviously I’m the

kind of person that if I can’t see it I

won’t wear it right same I just I have

to see everything came up the steps I

was like I don’t see scarves are no

longer lucky if amelia is watching this

please turn off the camera right now

please stop watching so tons and tons of

clothes do you do really inventory or

clothes though you know what you have to

have like a list somewhere like an Excel

Excel spreadsheet of everything you have

shoes belts how many pairs of shoes do

you have

including the pair have on right now how

many dresses do you have I’ve only got

like a hundred and ninety two dresses

I’m not a dress for all that my yeah

there’s you over there I found you again

how many photos of you are in this house

now you would think that would be like

an eagle thing right but it’s a husband

that wants them Houston this is where

you find this closet

are you recording right here do you see

that is yeah okay I’ve yet I don’t even

know what else to say here there’s more

to the house though Oh Lord there’s so

much more okay let’s do it

Oh Ryan we lost Ryan it’s your color are

you okay did I just put this on sure

what’s mine is yours this is a coat you

have everything in this closet can I

wear this for the rest of the to are

sure it might get too hot but whatever

I’m super comfy I’m a big pink animal on

me this is the pretty kitchen I’ll call

it the pretty kitchen well it’s green so

we don’t really do anything in here

except you know how it looked pretty all

the time because I don’t cook you don’t

play the biggest kitchen I’ve ever seen

for someone who doesn’t cook and then

every woman has to have a glam room a

glam oh I have my own personal glam room


so you’ve got wigs and everything yes


you can’t pick look this one would go

with your outfit today that it would

outdoor pieces crazy crazy crazy crazy

so upstairs so up to the second floor we

go and you said gucci mane actually did

a music video in your closet yes well

actually he came to just do the film in

the closet but once he got to the house

he was so impressed with the house he

said I’m filming all over the house so

they did a stripper pole in the wine

room they did a step stripper pole in my


they had naked women laying on the

counters in the kitchen

what how do you get booze buzzer oh man

wait let’s show you they just look he’s

now you’re on the second floor here


fingerprint controlled so I have two

doors in the entire house that are

fingerprint controlled this this access

in the closet and also into my office

the only reason I might want to put my

master bedroom on the second floor is

that every day I could like walk down

these steps and announce that I have

awoken like I would put this on just be

like you know Amelia I have awake this

is the man cave Wow so this floor will

this floor right here now is the man

cave so this is where all the TVs are

right well I’ll gather TVs you got five

out of twenty seven TVs in the house

twenty-seven TVs in the house I got you

okay so because I had the closet my

husband needed to be spoiled in some

manner so I gave him the man cave so

he’s got all of his TVs he’s got his

stocked bar and then of course you’ve

got the solarium over here where you

just literally have the best view in the

house what is that thing ain’t even a

big ornament it’s a ball

there’s artwork on it you can’t really

see the artwork unless it’s at night but

yeah there’s a kid and there’s a woman

oh wow it’s actually artwork but this is

a million-dollar view right here did you

get to see bear branch reservoir okay

which a hundred years from now will

still look like that because it’s all

protected land and there’s the golf

course yeah over the pool yeah that’s

okay that’s a fire pit down fire pit

mm-hmm then you’ve got the wrong insane

so cool I could totally live I could

totally live here I just sit here and

watch movies he sold this Donald Duck

out of Beijing China Disneyland yep he’s

an antique

crazy it’s pretty incredible super super

cool thank you so much for letting us

take a look groups way so let me get

this straight

so we are in the woodlands on two acres

it is seven bedrooms 13 bathrooms 17,000

315 square feet you’ve got the pool

you’ve got the four car garage you’ve

got the three story closet that’s three

thousand square feet that has four

hundred and eighty two pairs of shoes

not included and if you want the house

had come fully furnished yes two

kitchens ones a catering kitchen plus

you get the glam room you get the

rotunda you got the fountains you’ve got

the wine room sunken plus the man cave

TVs included insane this I’m gonna leave

with you you know I think enough people

question my sexuality yes thank you so

much you’re amazing everyone reach out

to this one right here greatest real

estate agent ever to a we’re gonna run

we gotta catch a flight back to New York

you’re amazing if you’re watching this

right now come by this house because

it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen