what’s the scariest thing you’ve ever

done standing on the edge of an airplane

seconds away from telling the person of

your dreams you love them for the first

time we’re getting ready to give a

speech in front of a packed room a

moment so visceral that everything

around you disappears yet fear is

completely relative when I feel

completely at home in the ocean a mark

can’t stop worrying about drowning or

the animals underneath him and where am

r feels at peace that we’re looking at

the edge of a steep cliff looking down

from the edge of the building even

secured gives me paralyzing vertigo I

can’t stop fearing that I’ll trip that

the gear protecting me could malfunction

or that something is small as a gush of

wind could throw me off balance and to

some extent those fears are very valid

to have yet the reality is that fear is

a mental muscle that needs regular

attention and if you don’t actively seek

to safely challenge it it’ll eventually

take control over your life so today

we’re going to the mental Jim Ryan

Robinson is currently one of the most

badass highliners in the world

simply put highlighting means strapping

a line very high up in the air and

walking the thin strap across to the

other side he holds the record for the

longest high line set up between two

bridges co holds the title for the

longest High Line in the US and attended

American Ninja Warrior four times

overall he’s just a full-stack athlete

got connected to him a few weeks ago and

asked him if an idea that Amar’s had for

a while was possible could we set up

some form of a hammock in between the

edges of a steep and terrifying cliff

and spend an entire night strapped above

that drop we got our friend and world

traveler max to agree to come with us

and with a yes from Ryan we were ready

to go

I’m gonna Utah look at you just knock

his weight to that venture yeah you like


it’s beginning like not better for me

Thomas is just a very survival oriented

man he’s a man that makes rational

decisions and doesn’t take risks when he

doesn’t need to all these different

instances all these different how many

this is safe yeah I’ve never jumped in

cold water why are we doing a cliff jump

I’m just hiding we’re going with one of

the best highliners of the world he is

scared of heights which is a very

interesting perspective off to Utah we

go don’t be fooled by how excited Thomas

is his excitement is gonna turn into

severe fear very very soon

nice to meet you how you doing I was

talking about sino like oh my god the

more bags you know like adventures are

happening alright

we’re good to go

she’s gonna be interested I was gonna

hold this above a free game for 500 foot

drop you kidding you very feeling feel

great it’s like so excited this is like

sturdy right yeah the more you think

about all these things that were here in

a sec yourself up you have the trust

this starter that’s both of people set

these up on Eclipse

rather than for more reasons we tell

people you can’t hang more than 48

inches off the ground

we had people fall out of the hammock

okay under the ground thanks a lot bill

thanks bye-bye part of the equipment

picked up how do you feel right I’ll be

fine guys so I got my grown-up job

making great money but I wasn’t happy I

know one day I was sitting at my desk

and I just freaked I had like an anxiety

attack just ran to the bathroom I ran

into the stall and just closed the door

and I just sat there for like an hour

crying I saw myself sitting at that desk

20 years from that date so that day I

went into my boss’s office and I quit so

after that I started highlighting and I

was living in a rental car that it

couldn’t pay for couldn’t even heat

opened up my laptop and I just wrote

emails for like the next 12 hours all

night I was ready emails and by 10 a.m.

the next day I had put together like

seven thousand dollars from the sponsors

and three days later I was on an

airplane of Hawaii I don’t feel like

I’ve worked a day since you know at all

so we are ready for tomorrow I guess

we’ll see you bright and early

oh thanks the top of the morning for uh

top of the morning 2:00 in the morning

for you looks like we’ll be matching

today dark sure their little white ankle

sock that’s right team see discomfort

what are you team nothing team top of

the morning drive from Moab about four

and a half hours


are rolling into low right now and it’s

starting to look like were

hi everyone just well you know that the

new season foresee discomfort is

currently live on seek discover calm

it’s a collaboration with an incredible

artists name is writings from Frankel

and it’s a very unique collection link

is in the description now back to the

video we are out there our life is in

your hands oh yeah rigged here like more

time something I don’t even think we

mentioned this yet but I hit up a friend

of ours Eli I told that we’re coming out

here he’s a heli pilot and he didn’t

have his Hali so he hit up a friend and

they both flew all the way down here he

just arrived


welcome everyone to the fruit bowl my

name is Ryan I’ll be your host today and

we’re gonna have a little adventure if

you’re ever near the cliff no screw when

you’re around these cliffs all the time

after like 20 minutes you guys are gonna

get really used to it you’ll be running

around having a good time just you know

make sure you keep something in the back

of your head that says hey remember

that’s a 500-foot drop the concept is

very simple but the tactics that we’re

gonna be doing is actually quite

technical if you see something that

you’re concerned about ask us about it

there is a chance for humans and we

might make mistake it’s probably not

gonna happen cuz we’re really good at

this don’t do anything unless someone

has checked your gear we are in the

middle of nowhere anxiety is starting to

rise a little bit spending the night

strapped on that thin little freaking

yeah might blow you and it’s gonna move

see what happens and trust Ryan his man

that we met yesterday with our lives oh

my god pull the

it is insane

hold your stop down before you close to

ledge guy all right it’s gonna be the

best bed we have ever slept on you don’t

get that close come come come here I’m

not gonna go up there dude we’re not we

are about to sleep in the middle of the

thing let’s just stop being fun games

for me to be honest I just got really

serious it’s a net it’s a freakin

mosquito net

how we doing right right now we’re

trying to find the right anchor points

each angle have to be the same or at

least equalized enough to where each leg

is the same tension pretty much what

that translates to is we want you guys

be super comfortable all night

it is so hot right now I can’t even get

myself to walk near that edge I just

need to lie down in the shade gather

some energy encourage to freakin go

sleep on that thing later I just felt

kind of Numb right now getting near that

edge just gives me vertigo and I’m just

genuinely petrified nice and slow

we are officially pulling and setting

the bed out this is gonna be our bed for


I think flailing flopping in the wind

the wind just started to pick up and

they tried to set up the bed and they’re

gonna have to start over everything got

entangled in the air

that little cloth right there is what

we’re spending in the night on tonight

okay are you seeing this it doesn’t like

that this was just like the rough that

they’re using just to get on the other

side but this is the rope that’s

actually gonna hold us so the weather

turned around a little bit all of a

sudden just the clouds start forming and

probably gonna lose light faster than we

expected dude I don’t feel prepared for

this at all it’s good okay

anybody’s getting on there get over here

so one big piece of advice it’s hard to

get me out there it’s a little weird you

got to flip over the line and do this

kind of stuff it’s gonna stress you out

it’s gonna make it really nervous even I

get nervous and shaky and it’s very

natural you’re gonna be super safe and

you got there sweet yeah super honest me

know I mean I’m I’m obviously scared

definitely get vertigo and I get in

close to it

well you just communicate with me okay

cool so you got everything you need

Isaak harnesses we’ve been around all

day now it just got serious

getting the last glimmer of lights as we

clip onto the sting for the night your

bud so this is rated 222 kilonewtons

which one killin is 224 pounds I’m just

so scared of like someone even just

trippin cuz mistakes happen like I’m

afraid of just a very simple oh and then

never see that person again business

like that good strong how you feelin get

your crops really close to it boom and

then see you later alright so you’re

ready to go man

I gotta get your legs up

you gotta get look you have to do it now

yeah do it now before you get tired you

gotta push really hard right now

breathe come on come on stay there

what’s going on I’m coming bud come on

mark nice under my legs yeah buddy yeah

oh my god Wow

yes Ryan how’s that I figured it would

happen at least to one person it’s

getting dark too

it’s like it took us all day to get here

and put it up and we’re kind of taking

our time and now opinion

yeah let’s go down it’s been a lot of

anticipation you’re gonna enjoy it

Thomas just for a second enjoy the fear

you have right now enjoy whoa yeah

Thomas Thomas how you feeling over there

y’all guys don’t eat all the M&Ms before

I get out there yeah these cables are

gonna sleep like this do you feel safe

do you feel comfortable pretty sure

we’re safe but it’s hard to feel safe

when you’re like you know what’s

underneath you it’s 10:30 p.m. we decide

to call it a night

we’re gonna go to bed right now with our

harnesses on clipped on with the

carabiners – the safety ropes

good night amar good night bud good

night Thomas hey buddy

starting to breaking rain right now we

can’t even hide from the rain I get in a

sleeping bag and like the whole hammock

is shaking from the wind coming from

underneath us we have absolutely no way

of getting off cuz Ryan is in a tent

fuck away dude this is getting really

bad they’re just really starting to

porno shoot when just get it up I mean I

like 35 degree angle this whole time

there’s any way we can just get laying

on here I don’t know I’m just like I

don’t know if I’m gonna be able to make

it all night Ryan Ryan

Bryce Logan we just need Ryan to come

check the lines because we’re slanted

now so we’ve become pretty slanted I

don’t know if I’m gonna be able to make

it all night I’m sorry guys I’m just


been trying like really hard to keep it

together but I’m just very yeah just not

feeling very well

my palms have been like sweating and I’m

just I feel very weak thanks bud thank

you if you can just like look at the

lines I’m not feeling very well

okay I don’t know if I can make it all

night I’m just worried about waking up

and actually seeing how deep it is after

sitting through the whole night just

like I push myself as far as I could but

right now I’m just like anybody as soon

as it starts to just the whole thing

starts to shake it just my

fight-or-flight turns on and I’m just

like holding on to my thing

yeah I’m just ready for anything yeah

I’m not gonna be able to sleep here at

all always have incredible mental

journey but I know what you’re going


yet you’re one of the best in the world

at what you do life is it all comes down

to knowing yourself this is a community

of supporting each other and

understanding that we all have our own

limitations don’t you know don’t go home

feeling like this is some sort of Hell

here at all so let’s get you off it

let’s do it great you did great I just

don’t know how I’m gonna get all the way

up there I I know you can do this yeah I

guess man

to be facing front forward the only

thing to hold out there is one single

pin line and if I sheer drop on the

needle way more than so I thought it

will be what I can’t breathe I had a boy

too bad

atta boy

yeah debugger highlight I have never

been that scared hands down in my entire


now it’s just max a nice for an alright

let’s go back to sleep you

there you go amazing that’s all I got

we’re all safe I’m at my best night

while on that hammock I truly stopped

and questioned what I’d done and why I’d

put myself through so much anxiety but

after a few days to reflect on the

experience I realized more than ever


that if we let our fears choose the

experiences we get to have most of the

impactful and memorable moments of our

lives will remain unlived

we completely limit our perception of

the world the amount of connections we

get to make and just enough asking

ourselves what if I had tried it’s

important to remember that what we did

in this video was obviously monitored by

professionals we highly encourage you to

seek out what you fear and take steps to

work on them but it’s important to make

sure you do it safely and I hope that

you’ll take a chance to chase one of

your own fears no matter how big or

small they might be we’ll see you next

week hello everyone thank you so much

for watching unfortunately I could not

make it to this episode but I’m stoked

to see that Thomas amar Max and the guys

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