being stranded in the middle of the

ocean is a pretty unlikely in rare

situation to end up in but isn’t unheard

of and to be honest we recently been

thinking about more and more ideas to

test our ability to survive situations

of distress can we survive in nature

without any food and water should we

learn how to hunt if we ever get lost in

the wild and could we overcome being

stranded at sea for 24 hours and a life

raft today we’re gonna answer one of

those questions Matt managed to find an

unused life raft up for sale and a

company willing to stick around to

manage our safety

Ammar gets extremely seasick and is

almost impossible to keep still in one

place for more than two hours let alone

24 and even though we tried being stuck

together in a bathroom for an entire day

two years ago this time the environment

is entirely out of our control

in fact we wouldn’t even realize how

tricky this challenge was going to be

until minutes before we jumped on the

raft and so all of a sudden the

hypothetical scenario became very real

essentially b1 the stupidest thing we

ever do and – the scariest thing no

explain why when we get down there

thank you guys for having us

oh you woke up is gonna be a fun trip

fun is the right word to be interesting

yeah real fast

should we talk a bit about what you guys

do yeah the most popular thing that we

do is like extreme whale watching we go

offshore me get close to the biggest

animals on the planet we get arms reach

of dolphins whales something right

around boats these are the perfect

people for this safe this is organized

good you guys need to stay in the boat

okay I think Mars plan wants to be in

the water for a bit it’s nothing that’s

blown well let’s explain why that yeah

so there’s there’s a lot of mako sharks

out there right now in fact little

people mako sharks Makos what’s an eco

shine more aggressive than a great

weight so yeah

people are telling you what chef for

great whites don’t worry about worry

about making it is possible that they

will like come up and check you guys out

you’ll probably see their fan not

problem it helped typically was somebody

gets bit by a shark they’re not gonna

eat your whole body so like at worship

only to fears that we know amar has wild

animals and the ocean the second I get

in the water when I’m in like an open

water yeah I always have this idea that

I’m gonna run out of energy all muscles

are gonna cramp when I was like 12 and I

had to save my mom from getting into a

current because it wasn’t anything

serious but the only thing I remember is

just that like state of panic of

treading water so I can keep her up that

was small and that’s the only thing I

remember every time I get into water

like that so never fun time alrighty

well not no water no sharks today baby

not on my watch

this beer the guy who sold us a life

raft was that there would be some holes

that we wouldn’t know about but if there

are any holes we’ll just come back onto

the boat yeah no well snow will stay for

24 hours with holes in the

ready to go we’re ready


land 15 miles out and we’re about to hop

into our new home

how much colder is gonna be a knife in

this right here honestly it’s what I was

thinking on the way here is like we had

to pile up in like a little land so that

you could kind of nobody on this boat

has ever opened the life raft we are

going to open it right now as best we

can what I’m thinking we do is we just

pull this thing

Monte what happened dude I think it’s

like a big deal it’s like yeah both of

you yeah what specifically not to roll

it so maybe oh okay it looks like it’s

rolled a lot feel the water like like

you’re on the water on the water which

is kind of scary there are sharks

Oh how are we gonna do this for 24 hours

Man Overboard drills we do have a life

raft in the water I will be here for the

next 24 hours there’s no distress over

good luck really yes the whale is not

gonna like hit our life raft or anything

right big boy any way you can move like

a little bit like to that I literally

can’t move right now because the mat is

on top of me like your legs are

literally blocking my tire well they

know it we’re in international waters

right now which means that if you commit

a crime you just you go for it yeah

who’s in international water so they

couldn’t prosecute him but the question

of who is gonna go insane first there’s

all this waters everywhere I’m soaked to

well this is a good start with the

sponges and a couple of towels that we

had fixed the situation good news that

it wasn’t a leak it was just our own

water supply we are not the best sea men

in the world but seamen anyways

there’s literally nothing around us

right now we’re just drifting

oh this is changed a little bit from

when we took a nap so Rocky right now oh

it’s not looking very good right now the

clothes the tarps cuz there’s water at

the circus splashing like I’m soaking


and I’m are starting to feel the bumps

every time we slightly open this up to

get some fresh air there’s a bunch of

water at the splashes but now there’s

like literally no oxygen energy

conservation mud there is a whole bag of

pools and things you can use that we’re

inside when we blew it up but we still

haven’t really looked what’s inside a

see what’s in this mystery box uh first

aid buro just pump like a shot of

adrenaline to Amarth I render oceans

standard emergency but it’s good to eat

them wasn’t this little raft built in

the 90s oh my god to be replaced not

later than the date given below in March

2019 three months ago dude is this food

safe to eat yeah yeah but you’re saying

yeah but you have to know it that you

just want me yeah yeah just take take a

bite if I think about you take a bite

buttery cracker is what it tastes like

unless you’re trying to track gonna dude

we’re on a life raft freakin eat it that

literally tastes like any cracker I know

just know how old gross Maura quick have

some of this it’ll help your seasickness

station a hell of a crewman guy just

eats our crackers and sleeps it’s

expired a good something my mom used to

me mrs. Regan she’s to make a life raft

your mom was a life raft cracker maker

and all oh wow this is a freakin another

player yeah

dude there’s so many of them really oh

my god Oh a little journal oh wow this

isn’t not a journal this is survival at

sea instruction manual for the survival

do not abandon your hope though you’re

in distress and adrift on the sea in the

worst situation of your life I’m not

making this up

live through with strong mental power at

least for three days it would take many

hours to die of hunger or thirst

do your best to survive up to the last

one second there’s no reason to be in a

hurry to die your family is waiting for

your return oh my god that’s page one

like a lot of it is interesting Japanese

oh wow all right gents get some dried

and candy for dessert the sunset is for

real look at this coming

wild romantic dinners I’ve ever had a

moment can you stop saying this is


we’re just a bunch of you taking that

we’re like so close and we’re bonding

and things you know we have to pile up

and this is definitely not how people in

my Pratt’s usually feel like we’re just

so relaxed people and I’m actually

probably so miserable it’s definitely a

very different experience to know that

you’re being picked up versus having no

freaking idea if anybody will ever pick

you up there goes the Sun all right it’s

currently about 9:30 p.m. I’m gonna try

and pass that soon so we can’t really

show this with the camera but there are

so many stars with the water moving

around us too it’s just the most

peaceful moment between Thomas and I

Mars passed out inside he’s still

recovering from the seasickness I’m very

glad I haven’t been hit as hard as he

was but we’re gonna be enjoying the

Stars for another hour so I try to pass

out hopefully I’m I think about it

happens at night dude there’s a whale no


if you’re not leader you ask the


so this is our sleeping setup for the

night don’t know how much we’re gonna

get to be honest animals out there

snoring bear right here and very little

space to move the lights versus this is

gonna be even there see how cramped we

are this life raft is supposed to be

dull how the hell do you fit six people

understand I’m glad I’m are joining us

to just sleep next to us the whole time

while we’re doing this clearly is way of

dealing with the ultimate discomfort is

to sleep we’ll see you in the morning

still morning we have a neighbor

probably two hours

Wow I can’t see anything at all for the

hell are we good morning we’re pretty

ready to pack up then head back to shore

oh they’re coming to get us

they time was easy sleeping on this

thing is impossible did you enjoy it

Matt hey guys good morning you sure you

don’t want to do another 24 hours out

there I think we’re good uh I forgot

that we haven’t stood up in 24 hours

when we start a challenge like this we

truly have no idea what the outcome is

going to be are the winds gonna pick up

are sharks gonna swim up to us are we

even going to fit inside this raft and

well we kind of have to just go with the

experience and see what happens we’ll

try to live these moments as

authentically as we can and the outcome

this time could have honestly turned out

to be a hell of a lot worse a marsh shut

down completely for most of this

challenge to limit the pain of his

seasickness while Matt and I as much as

we struggled to all fit and stay sane

without anything to do ended up having a

great learning experience in

circumstances that remained somewhat

under control

we hope that seeing how life rafts work

might have educated you at least a

little bit and we’re excited to explore

more survival challenges in the future

if you have ideas of survival challenges

for us to do feel free to comment them

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