waking up rushing to the bathroom

grabbing a snack on my way out and

hurrying to work because I was already


that was my typical morning for as long

as I can remember but one day I decided

to adopt the millionaire morning routine

and it truly changed my life

want to know all the details then let’s

go back to the start you know how they

say that the morning is the most

important part of the day

well my mornings were always acting I

had trouble organizing myself so instead

of getting the most out of these early

hours I was running to work half asleep

needless to say my chaotic morning

messed up the rest of my day and I went

home exhausted and angry at myself one

day my messy morning routine ruined my

work presentation and I decided enough

was enough after all there has to be a

better way to do this right after

spending some time on the internet I

found exactly what I was looking for the

millionaire morning routine apparently

millionaires owe a huge part of their

success to their morning routine and if

you follow all of its steps to you’ll be

able to start your day feeling relaxed

rested and inspired here’s what I had to

do every morning during my little

experiment first and foremost I had to

wake up earlier or there was no way I’d

complete the whole routine before going

to work Tim Cook Richard Branson and

tons of other successful people or early

birds right so from that moment on my

alarm was set for 5:30 in the morning

next up was meditation doing this

practice in the morning allows you to

connect with yourself and kick start

your day with positive energy after that

it’s good to do an easy 2 to 3 minute

workout nothing out of the ordinary just

a couple of crunches or push-ups to get

you our body going after a night’s rest

then it was time for the typical morning

routine we all do showering washing your

face brushing your teeth and in my case


when that part was complete I had to go

straight to the kitchen make myself a

tasty cup of coffee and write down my

to-do list where the day including my

personal goals and work tasks and on

that note it was time to go to work now

that my morning routine was structured

and my journal for notes was bought it

was finally time to start living like a

millionaire to tell you the truth the

first couple of days of my experiment

were a total nightmare I’m a night owl

so it was almost impossible for me to

wake up exactly as I’d planned as a

result the first few morning’s of my

experiment were pretty much the same I

woke up ran to the bathroom and rushed

out of the house

grabbing coffee on the way and hoping

I’d get to work on time however I

finally pulled myself together on day

four figured out my sleeping schedule

and started to wake up exactly as I’d

intended to practicing meditation also

didn’t go as smoothly at the beginning

I’ve never meditated before so all my

attempts to do it right after I woke up

made me so relaxed that I went straight

back to sleep after trying numerous apps

and techniques I found that simple

breathing works best for me sometimes I

used this time to visualize my dreams

and the person I wanted to be and it

worked every day I reached a new level

of inner harmony and understanding of

what my perfect life should be this made

it way easier to figure out the steps I

need to take to make this vision a


having a quick workout wasn’t a problem

for me

moreover it really helped me get in

touch with my body and shake off some of

the tiredness before showering by the

way another thing I’ve tried is having a

cold shower even the thought of it seems

horrifying I know but in reality it

helps to increase your heart rate which

pushes blood through your entire body

this process not only wakes up your body

completely but also clears your mind I

highly recommend it

the next step was my favorite part of my

new morning routine making to-do lists

for the day turned out to be

exceptionally fulfilling and motivating

by day 10 I’d begun to make two lists

one for my personal goals and another

for work tasks and responsibilities

moreover after surfing the internet a

bit more I included two more lists in my

morning routine a to feel list and a to

be list this experience made me grow as

a person and become a better version of

myself every single day this change

alone is worth all the trouble right if

you think that every weekend I had two

days off you are mistaken

I wasn’t going to fall back into my old

ways apart from repeating my brand new

exciting routines I use these days to do

some brain training with the help of

special apps catch up on my reading and

brainstorm for new projects and ideas

about halfway through my experiment I

got into time management which turned

out to be another amazing discovery for

me so my morning routines slightly

changed again instead of making to-do

lists I was organizing my day using time

management methods this made my life

even easier and inspired me to reach a

new level in my career when I found ways

to upgrade my career I turned to my

personal life and added one more habit

to my routine writing morning pages this

is basically when you write at least one

page of all your thoughts no matter how

weird they are first thing in the

morning I did it before meditation and

reread them every evening this endless

stream of consciousness opened my eyes

to numerous personal problems I never

realized I had ten days of this practice

was enough for me to figure out how I

can improve my mental health and achieve

the inner balance and confidence I’ve

always dreamed of just like my work

tasks I incorporated all these little

steps into my daily time management

schedule and started to work in this

direction too it’s not easy and I’m

still far from my ultimate goal but I’m

moving toward it that’s already a great

start right and just like that one month

of my experiment came to an end to be

honest it was one of the greatest

periods of my life and it opened my eyes

to numerous possibilities and solutions

I haven’t

noticed before of course I didn’t stop

doing this morning routine I still enjoy

my early minutes of meditation morning

pages cold shower and time management

however I also created some of my own

rules along the way that may help you if

you want to follow in my footsteps keep

a gratitude journal as you probably

already understand during this

experiment I became a real journal freak

I don’t regret it one bit since writing

down my thoughts really helps me

structure my life and the same thing

goes for gratitude make it a habit to

write down all the things you are

grateful for every evening then whenever

you’re in a bad mood just open this

journal it will certainly put a smile on

your face stay hydrated toward the end

of my experiment I read that having a

glass of water before breakfast helps to

wake up your digestive system and set it

up nicely for the day as I started to do

this I instantly noticed the difference

this little trick makes you feel like

and helps you avoid overeating in the

morning your body will certainly

appreciate it make yourself a smoothie

not that long ago I replace coffee with

a natural smoothie as my morning drink

and it definitely had a positive effect

on my body

natural smoothies are full of the

nutrients and vitamins that your body

needs as it wakes up so it’s better to

leave a cup of coffee or tea for later

in the day and there you go these are my

morning routine rules but it’s up to you

to make yours just make sure that your

morning hours make you a better person

every single day go for it you got this

do you know any other effective habits

that I can incorporate into my morning

routine tell me.