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flight imagine a country tucked away

from the rest of the world hidden in the

Himalayas left to its own devices to

develop an unique and incredible ways

have made sense for not only its own

culture but also for its entire

ecosystem some people claim that this

country is the happiest in the world the

last shangri-la and is in fact the only

country in the world to be carbon

negative meaning is producing three

times more oxygen than it consumes meet

the country of Bhutan so what makes this

place so special all the people there

truly the happiest and what have they

understood about the environment the

rest of us haven’t well after a recent

trip to India for an upcoming episode I

went on my second solo trip this month

to visit the small country squeezed

between the two most populated countries

on the planet the place is phased with

lots of Saronic pressure and so with an

open mind and loss of questions then my

72-hour trip to the magical country of

Bhutan begin


the possibility of vulnerability


welcome to all right it’s gotta be the

most beautiful airport I’ve ever seen in

my life

what and even the frickin conveyor belts

or our luggage is beautiful so the thing

about Bhutan is that you’re not allowed

to come here without an official tour

guide assigned to you then they hook you

up with hotels visas transportation

which means that I have a guide waiting

for me out here

yes good to meet you man this is


poon soo thank you so much great Wow

awesome thank you so much I’m super

excited to explore and learn about how

Bhutan is apparently the happiest

country in the world





the main goal for today is to turn LP

into the first Bhutanese vlogger here

you go it’s your turn first what are we

doing right now we’re going in a Buddha

statue is one of the largest sitting

with a in the water it’s a 210 feet Wow



after exploring a few more iconic places

in Bhutan

I felt amazed by the scenery yet I still

had so many unanswered questions why do

some call this place the happiest

country how does their society differ

from any other place in the world and

just as these questions came to mind my

friend Kevin who we had met in Thailand

last year heard that I was in Bhutan and

had a connection to the perfect man to

answer all of this the ex prime minister

of Bhutan and so funnily enough before

beginning the hour-long drive over to

his house to interview him I was walking

over to go get him a gift and I noticed

something strange I just went on a quick

little walk and as I’m walking around

I’m slowly starting to notice that this

country has a weird obsession with

penises there’s a lot of different go

because I’ve been like kind of seeing it

I was like I got a penis on his house

and then kind of like not really think

about it and now as I’ve been walking

around I’m noticing this is not a

coincidence or a one-off situation

people in Bhutan really like penises

okay so I have to ask you because I want

to make sure I get that story uncomfort

what’s the deal with all the penises on

all the houses does anybody find it

funny or is it always just seeing that

it’s part of the culture so we are about

to go meet the ex prime minister of

Bhutan and we need to bring him a gift I

can’t believe he’s just like such a

juxtaposition next to all of these


Buddha statues and then there’s just a

whole bunch of I don’t know if I’m

confident enough to bring up penis as a

gift you know I’m saying which one would

you recommend to heaven that’s pretty

nice yeah we’ll do that thank you so


alright now we get around and so after

getting the gift so we drove an hour to

finally sit down with the ex Prime

Minister thank you so much for agreeing

to do this on such a the last second

notice I just want to start by asking

you for somebody who doesn’t know the

basics of the girls happiness income in

gross national happiness restless girls

that’s not an actual happiness is

basically a development philosophy that

acknowledges that economic growth is

important but that economic growth must

have been mindless it should also be

sustainable environmentally sustainable

and it also should be equally spread

throughout society until recently Bhutan

was the only country in the world that’s

carbon neutral okay and now Suriname is

also carbon neutral so the two countries

but I mean did we have 195 countries in

the world today and to have two

countries and that to two small

countries just two countries that a

carbon neutral is not acceptable in

Boonton we see Quester about three times

more carbon dioxide than we emit as a

nation traditional economists would have

advised His Majesty the King to harvest

the forests yet he didn’t and all I can

say is that he was way ahead of his

times so some people say Bhutan is one

of the happiest countries

in the world you feel like that’s just

like a something Outsiders say but

Bhutan would you agree with that

statement yes and no yes or no yes it’s

something that Outsiders say because

they’ve heard about the development

philosophy of gross national happiness

and there’s a misunderstanding people

have just concluded that this must be

the happiest country life okay and yes

you may have been interested we admire a

lot and we smile we smile from the

depths of our soul you know who’s to say

that we are the happiest people there

are many kind societies and some

societies may be happier yet which ought

to be happy also because the conditions

of happiness are available in free

health care free education I mean a

natural environment is the rule of law

justice these are all in place

what does Bhutan do that you think other

countries could easily implement if

there is something that we can share is

the importance of leadership

the world knows the importance of

leadership absolutely no doubt but we

have enjoyed the blessings of

enlightened leaders whether it is a

monasteries or whether it’s a wildlife

whether it is a hot dog mountains that

are still unclaimed yeah all of them

ultimately it’s because of enlightened

leadership so we are a small country

tucked away in the Himalayas sandwiched

between two huge Giants yet our culture

is intact our spirituality is intact

economy is growing gradually but

sustainably and all of this because of

enlightened kings there’s a lot of young

people in the world that are anxious are

depressed what do you think the world

can learn about Putin’s happiness I

guess making happiness a priority

firstly youth all over the world are

anxious what needs you die anxious the I

am anxious but what makes it worse is

because we are so connected now earlier

you are isolated in your own village

organization came and then

that now like you’re not near cocoon now

too much information too much emotions

we’re trying to create a platform for

people to be able to connect because I

think connection is a big reason because

we think we’re connected because we’re

on our phone yeah but we’re not actually

having the real connection in real life

yeah our goal soon is to build an app

that can allow people to just go out and

connect and find activities to do


right yeah thank you so much for taking

the time I really appreciate it I think

the world will learn a lot from your

wisdom and I’m so grateful to have had

time in Bhutan I’m so grateful that your

wisdom Thomas thank you very much thank

you and a big hi from Bhutan to all your

followers there you go good so anyway

thanks you got a picture yeah thank you

very much of course man he was such a

kind and wise and generous human being

I’m blown away


all the way up there we’re hiking

straight up like I’m a mountain pretty

much yes okay we are beginning the hike

to Tiger’s Nest which is apparently one

of the most holy places in all of Bhutan

but also apparently in all of Buddhism

the second Buddha was the one that

popularized and spread Buddhism all over

Asia spent three years three months and

three days

meditating in the cave that’s built

right next to the temple I’m out of

breath through barely started we’re

super high up in elevation and we’re

about to go even higher is that it Wow

we’re climbing one two thousand one

hundred meter Wow


hi buddy


where’s this guy coming from someone

lost a horse sir oh there is that’s

pretty funny horse was trying to do the

hike on its own today we’re about to

peek over the hill we’re gonna get a

solid first glance

apparently in Buddhism culture when you

go hiking you wash away your sins good

for the house good for the body good for

the soul ah we’re getting so close

look at this thing there’s just

something in the air it’s like very hard

to describe but all of a sudden my heart

just dropped



oh my god this place is magical for the

last little stretch you cannot bring any

technology with us you know a lot to

film inside they consider them very holy

places and they want to preserve them

you have to put on pants seams to put on

a shirt to cover your arms I’m so

excited to go see what this


we just got out of Tiger’s Nest and I

just had one of the most intense

spiritual moments I’ve ever experienced

the moment we’re closed my eyes and my

grandpa passed away around this time of

the year about four years ago

I just had a moment where I felt like he

was here

and I felt like would have loved

experiencing this moment with me

somewhere on here he did

there’s something about this place that

just recently so uncontrollably

emotional it felt like the sound was

muffled Romney I was just so in awe and

taken by the scenery and the beauty of

this place extremely grateful right now

experience this moment after spending

three days in Bhutan I was blown away by

what I’d learned but I also think it’s

safe to say that I only scratched the

surface of understanding how this

country truly operates there’s a

surprising combination of cultural

political and ecological factors that

allows Bhutan to exist the way it does

our people there Julie the happiest well

I’m not sure but what has given them

that reputation in the past is this

dedication to value the populations and

the environments overall well-being over

blindly chasing financial gain and

that’s the main learning lesson that I

took away from this trip that Bhutan’s

harmonious strategy between business and

nature and unwillingness to compromise

the health of its environment is what’s

allowed them to flourish the way they

have and so as we think of our nature

moving forward

maybe we should all keep a little bit of

Bhutan in our hearts we’ll see you next

week I just want to end this video by

giving a shout out to our friends and

beautiful destinations who provided us

with some of the drone footage and

b-roll for this video click on the video

right here to check out what they made a

Bhutan it’s absolutely incredible and a

hundred percent worth watching